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Our secondhand furniture Dublin Company specializes in buying and selling of used furniture pieces. Give us a call today if you have furniture that you wish to dispose. You can also check out our shop in Dublin to see the wide range of amazing furniture pieces that we have available. We can help you save money with the variety of unique and inexpensive pieces that we have. Whether you want to change your furniture, transform your living space or desire unique pieces, we have furniture that you will love.

We have High-Quality Stuff

Because furniture pieces are second-hand, it means that they have already survived the test of time. The best furniture piece should last for a few decades, a century or even more. If the piece of furniture has a solid frame, it may just require basic restoration services to make it look amazing again. And all these come just at a fraction of the price that you would have spent on a new one. Items like display cabinets and bookcases experience insignificant wear and tear and this makes them a perfect choice for pre-owned furniture. Furthermore, most used furniture pieces will require little or even no repairs or a new finish for them to look new again. 

Cheap furniture for sale

When we say we that we have everything, we mean that we have all kinds of furniture pieces. Pretty much every functional or useful piece of furniture passes through our store. Since its inception, our company has earned a solid reputation as a company that deals with the best furniture pieces. Who knows? You may end up finding unique vintage furniture that you have always wanted to own. Among our ever-growing and unique furniture pieces you will find sofas, tables, chairs, beds, shoe racks, cupboards, bed side stools, and many more.


Most people are looking for unique furniture pieces that can express their personality when put in their homes or offices. At our second hand furniture Dublin company, you will always find unique pieces that you will love. We understand that nobody wants to have furniture pieces that are similar or same to what their neighbors or friends have. Therefore, by shopping at our company, you will have an opportunity of finding very rare pieces that nobody else has.

Buy our second hand furniture

Our pre-owned furniture pieces are great for individuals who want to resale them in the future. We only stock items that are in perfect condition and this means that the resale value of our used furniture pieces will be relatively higher and based on different factors, you may end up selling them higher than their original price. This makes our used furniture a worthy investment when compared to new furniture pieces whose costs depreciates significantly.

Low Cost

Most consumers might consider procuring used furniture for different reasons; however, the cost of our furniture pieces is usually the most alluring aspect. One of the main reasons people resort to second-hand furniture is to save some money. By buying quality items from our store, you can save lots of money instead of spending on new furniture that is expensive. Even though furnishing your home with second-hand furniture pieces from our store will take time when compared to a single-shopping trip in a big box shop, but your house will have more warmth, interest, and character in the end owing to our unique pieces. Furthermore, you will also have more money in your pockets and this is always a good thing, especially if you are looking for a good deal.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to call our friendly customer service team today or pop in-store and have a chat. We will surely help you find the best pre-owned furniture pieces that will transform the look and feel of your home or business.