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Reupholstering is a perfect way of reviving the look and feel of your aging furniture pieces without having to clean them or throw them out. If you have great quality furniture pieces that you like their style or design, then there are immense benefits when you opt for upholstery services. Many people think that if their furniture breaks or gets old, then they can just replace them with new pieces. The best thing about our upholstery services is that you can keep your sets together and better still retain or keep your better quality furniture.

Variety of fabrics

Professional upholstering experts offer hundreds of different fabrics in various colors and patterns for clients to choose from. We will allow you to check out our fabric samples and help you choose what suits your living space and existing décor. Being one of the bets upholstery company in Dublin, we strive to be conversant with the new trends in the industry. We understand that interior design tends to go in waves depending on what is popular at this time and we ensure that that is what we offer our clients.

Retain your Quality Furniture

We always recommend our clients to only consider our upholstery services for quality furniture pieces that are made from hardwood. Therefore, you want to be confident that your original furniture piece is structurally sound, solid, and has sentimental value for it to be a worthy investment. Our upholstery services will give your damaged or worn out furniture a new lease of life. This will ensure that your furniture serves you for many more years and it stays in a perfect condition. We have a goof reputation owing to our quality upholstery services and you can trust our team of experts to deliver the best services possible.

Benefits of our upholstery Services


Our upholstery services provide clients with a number of benefits that makes it more preferable compared to buying new furniture pieces. With our services, we can help you to:

  • Preserve those classic family heirlooms
  • Revitalize furniture pieces that are in disrepair or worn out
  • Restyle furniture pieces to blend with your updated home décor
  • Make your old furniture more comfortable
  • Customize furniture to meet your personal comfort and specific needs
  • Save cash by eliminating the need of buying new furniture
  • Benefit our environment by supporting less climate change, landfills and deforestation

Our Upholstery Process

Clients can bring their furniture pieces to our showroom so that we can examine them and determine whether upholstery is a viable option or not. We will also have a chance to discuss your goals or vision for your furniture pieces. With all our projects, we offer a free consultation with our experienced in-house interior decorators. This is a perfect opportunity for our team to visit your home or business and observe the existing décor in your space and make recommendations to make sure that our upholstery piece will blend with it. Our business premises has many fabric samples that you can pick from, however, we can always custom-order what you want if you do not find the perfect fabric for your furniture pieces. Once our upholstery work is complete, we will ensure that your furniture is promptly delivered to your house or business for you to enjoy.

Residential and Commercial Upholstery

With the best upholstery Dublin company, you will have all your upholstery services covered. We will transform your old, tired, and worn out furniture into more stylish, modern, and cozy pieces. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can upholster, modify, and even repair your residential or commercial furniture to suit your budget and style. We carry a wide selection of fabrics from leading fabric suppliers and in the latest colors and styles at affordable prices. Our upholstery service includes office chairs, recliner rockers, lounge suites, sofas, sofa beds, bedheads, outdoor furniture, loose cushions, caravans, barstools, footstools and ottomans, just to name a few. With our refurbishments, you can save about 50% on new furniture replacement costs.

With our furniture upholstery services, you can always use less to achieve more. it is better to choose our professional upholstery services instead of buying new furniture pieces. At the end, you will notice that our upholstery services will just achieve amazing results just like buying new furniture pieces. We can also work with you to provide cutting-edge designs that are not trending or are not in the magazines. Overall, our upholstery services will not only help you save cash, but are also environmentally friendly. Call us today and let us transform your furniture pieces and living space.